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Who Is Visit Dublin GA?

Visit Dublin GA is the tourism marketing organization for Laurens County. In simple words, we advertise the best of the best attractions, hotels, businesses, and events in Laurens County. See that ad in Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Travel Guide, Better Homes & Gardens, Savor Georgia, or a Dublin destination featured online? Yup, that’s us. We work with travel writers, bloggers, and publications from around the world to spread the #DublinGA word.

We build the things tourists love. Add some sparkle to your season at Yuletide Glow? We’re the merry elves. Protect pollinators with the Pollinator Pitstop at Dublin Visitors Center? We’re brimming with milkweed and motivation! Get inspired at Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park? You guessed it…us and a whole lot of partners!

You get the idea. We pay to advertise Laurens County and its small, locally owned businesses in print, digital, social media, and television outlets at zero cost to the business. Why? Because you’re the best. We know it and the world deserves to experience it.

What We Do

This tiny nonprofit packs a big punch when it comes to showcasing Dublin and Georgia.

  • We operate Dublin’s Visitors Center, open 6 days a week, we serve about 1,000 cups of free coffee to our over 12,000 visitors a year. And who do we tell them about? That’s right: YOU. Not only do we tell them about it, we blog about it, Facebook it, Instagram it and Tweet it…all the time all Dublin GA!. Let’s go a little deeper…but first, coffee.
  • We call it tourism product development. Visitors say, “What’s there to do in Dublin?” We answer with projects like Downtown Walking Tour, Bellevue Walking Tour, Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument Park, Pollinator Pitstop, geocaches across the city (6 and counting) and marketing your destinations, events, and festivals!
  • Promotion comes naturally to us. We work closely with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Tourism Division to spread the Dublin love through their outlets. We keep over 150 listings live and changing on, pay for professional photoshoots of dining, shopping, and lodging destinations, supply fresh new ideas for their “Top Lists” for features in blogs and event posts, and coordinate and host travel writer tours, state meetings, and events. WheW. And coffee keeps us smiling and creative!