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Meet Dublin

Welcome to Dublin, Georgia, where good people live and unforgettable experiences await. Nestled in the heart of the state, our charming city combines Southern hospitality with a vibrant spirit, creating a destination like no other. Explore our historic downtown, lined with shops, restaurants, and a thriving Farmers Market. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you stroll along the scenic banks of the Oconee River or enjoy the thrilling slides and splashes at Southern Pines Waterpark. Indulge in mouthwatering cuisine at local eateries like Lou Ann’s Biscuits and Deano’s, where the warmth of our community is reflected in every bite. Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a place to unwind, Dublin welcomes you with open arms.

We Do Things Differently

What sets Dublin apart from other Southern towns is its genuine community spirit. While embracing its Southern roots and charm, Dublin also offers a forward-thinking mindset and a progressive approach to growth and development. From its beautifully preserved historic downtown, adorned with brick-lined streets and majestic oak trees, to its thriving arts scene and diverse culinary experiences, Dublin seamlessly combines tradition with innovation. What truly distinguishes Dublin is its people — the friendly faces, warm welcomes, and a strong sense of community that permeates every corner. Whether you’re exploring the historic sites, enjoying local events, or savoring the flavors of Southern cuisine, you’ll quickly discover that Dublin’s essence lies in its authentic character and the exceptional experiences it offers.

Let's Step Back in Time


1812 marked the early beginnings of Dublin’s history as settlers started to establish a small trading post along the banks of the Oconee River. These early pioneers recognized the potential of the area, with its fertile lands and strategic location. Over the years, Dublin grew steadily as more settlers arrived, attracted by the opportunities for agriculture and trade. The town was officially incorporated in 1812, marking a significant milestone in Dublin’s development as a bustling community. Its name comes from the city of Dublin in Ireland, as a tribute to the Irish heritage of its early settlers. The town’s founder was married to a woman of Irish descent, and he sought to honor the ancestral roots by naming the new settlement after the capital city of Ireland. This connection to Dublin, Ireland, not only served as a nod to the cultural heritage of the settlers but also added a touch of uniqueness and charm to the town’s identity.

A Period of growth

Dublin’s history was deeply intertwined with the growth of the cotton industry in the region. By the mid-19th century, cotton became a dominant force in the local economy, leading to a surge in wealth and the establishment of grand plantations. The city thrived as a hub for cotton production and trade, attracting merchants, craftsmen, and professionals who contributed to its prosperity.

a spirit of perseverance

The impact of the Civil War brought significant challenges to Dublin, as it did to many Southern towns. The conflict disrupted the economy and caused widespread devastation. However, Dublin’s resilient spirit persevered, and the town gradually recovered in the post-war years. The introduction of railroads in the late 19th century revitalized the local economy, connecting Dublin to broader markets and facilitating trade and commerce.

dublin today

In present-day Dublin, the city stands as a testament to its rich history while embracing modern progress. Visitors and residents can stroll through the historic downtown district, admiring the beautifully preserved architecture that harkens back to the city’s early days. The community takes pride in its heritage, with numerous landmarks and events that celebrate Dublin’s past. Simultaneously, the city has embraced a forward-thinking mindset, investing in infrastructure, education, and cultural initiatives that promote growth and development. Dublin proudly carries its namesake and continues to embrace its Irish influence, evident in various cultural events and celebrations throughout the year. It thrives as a vibrant city, offering a diverse range of amenities, recreational opportunities, and a warm, welcoming community that continues to uphold the tradition of “good people live here.”

Meet the Dublin Team

Miriam Lewis

Executive Director

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Once upon a time, a serial reader of Little Women and Little House On The Prairie, Miriam Lewis has harnessed her love of great storytelling, beautiful photography, and good people, and bundled it into a big package that is Executive Director of Visit Dublin GA.

As a destination veteran Miriam joined Visit Dublin GA in 2015. She oversees Dublin Visitors Center operations & staff and Dublin and Laurens County’s marketing communications while leading strategic initiatives to maintain and strengthen the tourism industry in Dublin.

Her favorite work hobbies include making good old fashioned paper lists (plural), reminding staff to take their breaks (they sometimes listen), quality checking local eats (she’ll quickly suggest goat curry or tongue tacos), and building relationships which become links in partnership across the state, boosting an economic engine for the Laurens County community.

Arilyn Erickson

Project Manager

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*Cue Hamilton music* How does an artistic, eccentric, sister of five, and a Cajun, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in a Southeastern state by parental job prospects, end up Visit Dublin GA’s Project Manager?

Fresh from graduating with her bachelor’s in psychology, Arilyn Erickson started work at Visit Dublin GA in December of 2021. Her love of helping people, knowledge of Dublin, curiosity, and creative spirit are exhibited in her ability to ensure guests are well informed and comfortable, contribute fresh ideas for improving the Visitors Center and developing tourism products, and promoting local businesses, locations, and events via our website and social media.

Arilyn enjoys singing to the plants in the Visitors Center gardens (the Rosalynn Carter Pollinator Pitstop was one of her first projects), playing with traveler’s furbabies, posting aesthetic photography (especially food and unique outdoor scenes), and creating extra punny blogs.

Our Operations

Visit Dublin GA is the tourism marketing organization for Laurens County. In simple words, we advertise the best of the best attractions, hotels, businesses, and events in Laurens County. See that ad in Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Travel Guide, Better Homes & Gardens, Savor Georgia, or a Dublin destination featured online? Yup, that’s us. We work with travel writers, bloggers, and publications from around the world to spread the #DublinGA word.

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