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Historic Bellevue Tour in Dublin GA

Bellevue Walking Tour

Self guided Historic Bellevue Walking Tour begins just steps from Downtown Dublin GA and takes you on a journey back in time with the history of the grandiose avenue at your fingertips and a view of present day life on Bellevue Avenue, before you.

The Golden Age

Dublin was founded in 1812 and by the first decade of the 20th century grew into a thriving city thanks to the railroad, cotton mills and a waterway connecting to the coast, the Oconee River. Once source noted that Dublin, during this time had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the nation. Historic Bellevue Avenue’s homes during this time represented this golden era, many which are still standing.

This self guided sidewalk tour of historic and architecturally significant homes and sites on Bellevue Avenue will help you to see, through historic photos and written history a view of days gone by. Venture to the sidewalks, take in some fresh air and take a stroll through time. Feeling adventurous? Bellevue Walking Tour connects seamlessly with the Historic Downtown Walking Tour.

What was originally named “The Old Hawkinsville Wagon Road” before the development of this avenue, it grew into a picturesque scene with matchless energy and elation for the downtown scenery. You can call it Bellevue or Belleview, either way, they are both right! Get outside and go for a walk as we break down the number of steps of each section. Tourists and locals alike will discover during this walking tour, Bellevue Avenue continues to flourish with renovated and refreshed private and professional use of historic homes on the Avenue.

Adventure Time

Here are four wanderlust blogs that include locations listed in the Historic Bellevue Tour that you want to discover: