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Jack’s Hamburgers

Jack's Hamburgers

For a taste of Dublin, visit historic Jack’s Hamburgers. Tucked into a tiny storefront in the heart of Downtown Dublin, Jack’s serves up sacks of steamed burgers and dogs reminiscent of those chain guys, but with over 70 years’ experience cooking up these soft sliders, there’s nothing like a sack of Jack’s!

Jack’s Hamburgers

Let’s be frank: Jack’s Hamburgers is built into a lean-to in historic Downtown Dublin, has a single long counter inside with mounted stools where you can sit and talk with the cooks who double as cashiers. It is not fancy. It is an experience. The food is cooked up fresh, hot, and simple. They prefer cash, and your food is served up quick. Dine in or take your sack to go and eat under the pines of Stubbs Park. Either way, you’ll come back to Jack’s for another bite of homemade flavor.

A Sack of Jack’s

Simplicity is the name of the game at Jack’s Hamburgers! You can order single, double, or triple meat burgers with ketchup, mustard, and onions, or go “all the way” for all the toppings. Hot dogs, chips, and Coke products round out the menu. Order like a local and get a sack of Jack’s!

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