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Lou Ann’s Biscuits

Family-owned and operated, Lou Ann’s has proudly served Dublin’s best breakfast for over 30 years. Famous for their homemade “cathead” buttermilk biscuits, a meal at this Dublin icon will make you want to thank your mama!

Georgia’s Biggest Biscuits

Known as the home of “Georgia’s Biggest Biscuits,” locals flock here for huge homemade “cathead” biscuits, so called because these rich, flaky buttermilk biscuits are as big as a cat’s head.  Until recently, the biscuits were baked to a diameter of at least 4″, but the size was recently bumped up to about 5″ in diameter just to be sure Lou Ann’s biscuits kept their title as the biggest!

Fill your biscuit with all types of savory goodness like country ham, thick cut bacon, fried egg, and more! Whatever you fill your biscuit with, take a tip from the locals, and order your biscuit with a side of apple butter or top it with homemade country gravy. One bite and you’ll understand what locals know: This eatery knows biscuits!

Lou Ann’s Country Breakfast & Lunch

The goodness does not end with her biscuits. She cooks up all the Southern favorites from grits even a Yankee would love to broccoli casserole, field greens, and pear salad that will have you reminiscing about Sunday dinner at your mama’s. From catfish and burgers to shrimp and country fried steak, Lou Ann’s captures the Southern experience on a plate.

Check out Lou Ann’s on Facebook where weekly specials will have you coming back as often as a local! Turn your eating experience into a picnic! Pack up your foodie finds and head to historic Stubbs Park, where the towering pines and playground are the ideal setting for hometown flavor!