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Mama P’s Kitchen

Exterior view of Mama P's Kitchen showing off the patio seating and Jamaican and American flags.

Food is love to owner Pauline, and she shares her love with each diner that walks through the doors of Mama P’s Kitchen. A native of Jamaica, Pauline and her husband relocated to Dublin GA from New York to escape a hectic life that gave them no chance for their souls to breathe.

Mama P’s Kitchen

Lucky for us, they came here to cook. And cook they do: a warm soulful blend of Pauline’s Jamaican flavors and hubby, Chris’ Trinidad spice. Quickly embraced by locals, Mama P’s Kitchen has become a place to gather and talk. Pauline and Chris exude a sense of warmth and shared humor that hugs you as warmly as the Christmas lights that glow year round. They host Sip n Paints that are as popular as their oxtails and red beans and rice, thanks to Chris’s DJ skills.

Caribbean Soul off I-16

Never tried authentic Jamaican flavors? Have no fear. Pauline cooks up what she feels like making and she will offer you samples to make sure your tastebuds leave happy. From the earthy spice of the authentic jerk chicken to the nutty comfort of her plantains, each dish is Pauline’s show of love. With care, she crafts curry with a depth of heat that envelopes and oxtails so tender in a deep dark gravy with rich woodsy hints of spice. Her cabbage offers a slightly sweet tang that is the perfect companion dish. Taught to cook by her grandmother, Pauline combines those lessons with Jamaican flair and Trinidadian diversity.

More than food, Pauline, Chris, and Mama P’s Kitchen have brought a sense of community to Telfair Street. Diners gather on the outdoor deck, sampling the food and savoring each other’s company. Mama P’s Kitchen has become a staple, like the red beans and rice everyone raves about on Facebook.

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