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R & G Farm

R and G Farm

Family owned and operated, R & G Farm is more than just a farm. For the Edwards family, growing local hydroponic lettuce has become a lifestyle and a passion. Producing a wide range of organic lettuces, Colby and Alexis Edwards and their two children own and operate the state-of-the art hydroponic farm right in their backyard.

The family lives in one of the oldest houses in Laurens County, a 200 year old farm house located on 10 acres of beautiful countryside. Once began as a part time business for Alexis when the children started school, demand for the farm’s lettuce has grown into a full time business the entire family works together.

Fresh Tour & Honor Stand

Bring cash or your checkbook on your trek to the countryside for the freshest locally grown lettuce in the area. Stop by their honor stand Monday through Wednesday, 9 AM until 12 PM for a crisp selection of lettuces, including romaine, green leaf, and Bibb. Availability is based on growing times. Other items like kale and basil are also grown seasonally. Head straight to the greenhouse, and someone will be happy to help you. Leave your cash or check in the sink or one of the birdhouses outside of the greenhouse. 

Tours of the farm and greenhouse are available for the public and groups at no charge.

R & G Farm keeps up with the newest and most popular new strains of greens, such as the newest strain of Red Russian Kale. Serving big city markets such as Atlanta, their customers demand the newest and freshest in greens, and the Edwards are happy to meet their requests.

Lettuce Care

R & G Farm produces the ever favorite romaine, red leaf, and butterhead Bibb lettuce, along with many other varieties. All R & G Farm lettuces are grown hydroponically, always free of dirt, and more importantly, free of pesticides. Each head is carefully harvested with the roots attached so they continue to pump freshness through the leaves on your drive home. 

Taste the Goodness

The farm distributes their lettuce to local schools, select Dublin restaurants like Saltwater Fishery, farmers markets, and delivers to many buyers across Georgia. R & G Farm also sells straight from the greenhouse to those willing to make the short journey to the countryside for the freshest, locally grown lettuce in the area.

Join the R & G Farm Facebook conversation here to stay up to date with growing times and availability.