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Sonrise Farms in Dublin GA

Sonrise Farms

Sweetened by the sunshine, Georgia Grown, U-pick blackberries are your summertime mission when you head to Sonrise Farms in Dublin, GA! Blackberries are ripe for the picking select times that could span the last weekend in May through the first weekend in July.

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2024 U-Pick Seasonal Hours: Stay tuned for dates and hours to be announced!

Woah, Woah Blackberry

Sonrise Farms is located just off the highway. Walk up to a small wooden shed, pay (cash only) for the bucket size you plan on picking and set off to the patch. You will be directed to which rows will have the best luck picking that particular day. The berries are HUGE and the thornless bushes loaded down with ripe and unripened fruit. Sonrise Farms blackberry varieties are all thornless and include Natchez, Prime-Ark Traveler and farm favorite Ouachita.

Blackberry Picking Tip: Pick berries that are fully black, shiny and easy to remove from the plant. These will be the sweetest!

It won’t take long to fill up your red bucket. (You can keep the bucket for your next U-pick farm adventure!) Wipe the beads of Georgia’s summer heat from your foreheads and head home swapping ideas for how to best savor the pickings.

Summer Is Our Jam

We spent a day picking blackberries at Sonrise Farms and were not disappointed! The berries were plump and juicy, perfect for creating delicious summer treats. For one of our favorite Georgia Grown recipes using blackberries, click HERE.

Sonrise Farms offers a perfect summer outing for families and friends, combining the joy of picking your own fresh fruit with the charm of a friendly, local farm. Whether you’re a seasoned picker or a first-timer, Sonrise Farms provides an enjoyable and fruitful experience!