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Strickland’s Boots

exterior of front of Strickland's Boots

Nestled into a corner shop in Downtown Dublin, Strickland’s Boots is a boot lover’s dream! With a stock of over 6,000 boots, Strickland’s Boots offers designer cowboy boots, sturdy work boots, and outdoor boots for every conceivable need for men, women, and children!

Treat You Like Family

Specializing in good, old-fashioned customer service, Strickland’s Boots carries brands like Dan Post, Ariat, Laredo, Georgia Boots and more! Walking into Strickland’s Boots is like walking into a friend’s house who happens to have the most extravagant closet of wonderful fitting boots in the world. With stacks of boots towering to the ceiling, Strickland’s Boots is a boot lover’s fantasy come true!

Family owned and operated, they size every foot that walks through the door and keep handwritten records of every purchase for each customer on an index card. They know which styles you like, what you’ve bought in the past, and even keep a wishlist of pairs you like in case your special someone is gift shopping. The knowledgeable staff adds a touch of warmth to the shopping experience, providing helpful insights into the craftsmanship and durability of each boot, ensuring that every customer leaves not just with a pair of boots, but with a reliable companion for their next stride.

These Boots are Made for Walking

Strickland’s Boots is located in the heart of pedestrian-friendly Downtown Dublin at 102 E. Jackson Street.

Strickland’s Boots isn’t all about making money; they focus on making happiness. They’ll put you in the boot you love for a price you’ll be crazy about.

Get to stepping in your brand new boots through Downtown Dublin GA! Continue shopping at one of the many boutiques, stop for something to eat, grab a coffee at Society Kaffee, or take a seat by the fountains at Jackson Plaza.