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Cravings morning or evening, for birthday or meeting, when your sweet tooth calls, we know where to find dessert in Dublin, GA.

1. A-glaze-ing

Your sweet tooth will be begging for the holes after the first bite of a doughy donut from Williamson’s Bakery. Owner Perry will drive you glazy with his cases overflowing with homemade donuts, cookies, pastries, and cupcakes. Brides donut fear! Williamson’s wedding cakes take the cake on the big day! (We donut have anymore puns.)

2. Home Is Where The Sweets Are

Cakes, pies, brownies, OH MY! Beyond delightfully delicious cake, Emerald City Sweets bakes up fresh takes on cupcakes, cookies, pies, pastries, and a hot lunch made daily. Owner Regina ensures every bite has that sweet flair her creations have become famous for! From the whimsical to the elegant, this full service bakery specializes in capturing your vision for a cake that looks as good as it tastes!

3. Rainbow Connection

Wishing for a patio to stay out of the heat and enjoy a sweet and cool treat? Try a shaved, creamy or candied and bursting with flavors treat from Sno Biz in any rainbow of taste your mind can envision. (Pro tip: When your best pupper makes a visit be sure to ask for a free Pup Cup!)

4. Kitchen Memories

After needing more cooks in the kitchen, owner Brandi expanded The Mulberry Kitchen where she and her team whip up concoctions that confectionary trends can’t keep up with! Chocolate covered strawberries, cakes and pies, and you have to give their Keto dessert specialties a try!

5. I Scream, You Scream

Go ahead and sing it out, everybody wants Dexter Ice Cream! Sing all the way to Downtown Dexter where you can make a day of meal planning with veggies from Dexter Produce, fresh cuts from Dexter Meat Company, and you guessed it, a scoop or two for dessert!