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Twinkling, Dazzling, Sparkling lights! All in an effort to brighten your night! Christmas lights are shining around Dublin GA. Worth the drive, and even an overnight stay

Time for Traditions

Christmas Lights
Euclid Street

We share Christmas traditions that look the same on the outside, but vary from family to family. Driving around and looking at lights is one of those traditions. When I was growing up, my family picked up a pizza to eat while we listened to our favorite Christmas music. My family tradition in Dublin GA still includes the pizza, but now I carry it on with my husband and dogs to gaze at the fantastical lights.

Brookdale Drive

The Drive-Around

Where are these beautiful displays to wow your mind?

City Limits

Tune your radio to 89.3 for a light show set to music at both Moye Electric and Brookdale Drive. Experience a winter wonderland at Yuletide Glow at Stubbs Park. Bounties of lights can be found traveling from place to place, dangling and shining from the historic homes and family neighborhoods. New displays pop up daily, so don’t be shy to follow anything glowing that catches your eye. 

Brookdale Drive

Brookhaven Drive/Springdale Drive/Westchester Neighborhood

Country Club Road/Rollingwood Estates/Terrace Drive

Stubbs Park

Out in the Country

For a truly magical experience, drive past East Dublin out to 307 Irish Lake Rd. Head out of the city limits in any direction searching for lesser-known gems. Lay your head against the window (unless you are driving) and look for the North Star amongst the twinkling sky until Christmas lights in the distance come into view. Let the excitement build as they get closer and closer, clearer and clearer, brighter and brighter. 

307 Irish Lake Rd East Dublin – Worth the drive!

Highway 29 from East Dublin to Rockledge – several lit up houses with a big display a few miles from I-16

Celebrate Good Times

With all of the hustle and bustle and stress of Christmas, a Christmas light drive-around is an easy way to relax and create memories with family and friends. Most importantly, cheers to the light hangers, big and small, who want to spread Christmas cheer to all!

See the gallery for more lights!