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The twinkling and sparkle of Christmas lights fills hearts with childlike wonder, evokes feelings of nostalgia, and creates memorable holiday moments. There’s nothing like spending the crisp, winter evenings cruising for Christmas lights in Dublin GA!

Memory Lane

Driving around searching for Christmas lights is a timeless tradition for many families and mine is no exception. My wild family of seven piled into the van at least one night a year to scope out the light displays that put the “merry” in “Merry Christmas!” With most of my siblings grown and out of the house, I decided to treat myself to bright and shimmery holiday cruise down memory lane.

Cruising Around

Two light landing strips for Santa and Snoopy Cruising for Christmas Lights

Sprindale Estates

My Christmas light journey begins down Springdale Drive. A yard full of wooden Christmas characters greets passersby at the far end of the road. Turn into Sprindale Estates and Westchester to see colorful displays including a landing strip of lights for Santa’s sleigh!


House decorated with Christmas lights hosts Christmas light show to music

505 Brookdale Drive

Keep the festive feelings going by switching the tunes to FM 89.3 and enjoying a light show set to music on Brookdale Drive and at Moye Electric. I headed toward Brookdale Drive and spotted more dazzling lights on Northwood and Pinewood including a green and Grinch-y surprise!


Large buck made of lights stares forward in light grass with lights in the background

Stubbs Park

Experience a winter wonderland at Yuletide Glow in Stubbs Park. Drive by or park and wander among the bounty of glistening lights and hang out with the reindeer in what I’ve deemed the “Disco Forest”. If you travel down Brookhaven Drive on your way to Stubbs Park, turn into the Cedar Creek neighboorhood for inflatable mania!

12ft Skeleton Santa with two leashed deer stands guard over brightly decorated house

Corner of Elm and Euclid

The cool air from wandering in the park had my bones rattling, so I set off to the corner of Elm and Euclid. A twelve foot skeleton Santa and his leashed reindeer stood guard over this scintillating display.

After a night of magical displays from people sharing their love of the season, I made my way back home where our own lights glimmer.

New Memories

This Christmas, take a break from the hustle and bustle and stress of the season and make time to create your own memories and traditions. Whether you are staying the night or just cruising on through, stop and enjoy the sparkle in Dublin GA!

See the gallery for more lights!