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Visit Dublin GA had the privilege of working with two students from the Dublin-Laurens Summer Youth Works Program. Take a tour of Dublin GA through their highlights of local eats to colorful boutiques.

Society Kaffee

You’ll feel at home everyday, when you sashay your way to Society Kaffee! Work your way to Tara as she serves up one of her famous saucy lattes of the day. Feeling hungry? Well, don’t sweat because she also serves delicious hand picked desserts & food. Won’t make it home in time for afternoon tea…. Oh wait, she serves that, Too. Talk about a gag. Now featuring the fallout shelter withs lots of vintage fashion to walk your runway. Don’t be shy pour a little more in your cup at Society Kaffee.

The Exchange of Dublin

Shop until you drop & get an exchange of goodness at The Exchange of Dublin! Walk into this alluring wonderland & find your fresh new style. They have lots of local beauties to choose from: Hats, shoes, bracelets, gift sets, decorations, & FABULOUS purses. Now, that’s fetch fashion! Fill your inner diva & prance your way into The Exchange. I’d highly recommend this place if you want a bit of splash in your life.

Strickland’s Boots

Love a good ole southern hat? Why not get the boots as well when you gallop into Strickland’s Boots! With a counter in each corner, Strickland’s displays hundreds of different boot styles, cuts, & colors. Each pair of boots has a unique brown smoky color, shape, & size that bring them to life. They all have their own sweet personality. This shop has also been open for 50 years & they keep track of every boot sold, so trust that the owner knows a lot when it comes to BOOTS. So hurry on down, you don’t wanna miss this rodeo!

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine & arise to the occasion with your gifts. This establishment is beaming with precious crafts and delicious treats. But there’s nothing sweeter than the smile of Ms. Cook herself. Kim Cook is a 27 year cancer survivor, and she works everyday to make sure that 80% of profits are donated to those in need. This is one of my favorite visits. They are the definition of VARIETY. This is a great place for finding gifts for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. Share your love by buying something nice for your friends or family.  

Acres & Oak Kitchen

Feeling hungry after a long shift and not wanting to cook? Well, Acres & Oak Kitchen is perfect for you. Acres & Oak is a family owned business that sells lots of delicious frozen meals, salads, breakfast, desserts, and more. The pot roast and chicken pot pie sounds delicious! I tried the lemon bars, and they’re pretty good. They have plenty of serving sizes, and the food comes with heating instructions. Talk about easy!

Mama P’s 

Boogie your way into Mama’s kitchen for some island cuisine. Who’s kitchen? Well, Mama P’s of course. Come over and taste her famous oxtails with a nice kick to them. Mmmhm, talk about delicious food! She also has curry goat, jerk chicken, Rasta pasta and more delicious food adventures. Don’t sleep on their homemade juice as well!

Minute Grill

Minute Grill is the bee’s knees compared to all those fast food chains! I was immediately drawn in by the smell of delicious food and its diner style decorations.They have all the classics, such as hot dogs, burgers, and fries. I sooo wanted a hotdog. This retro establishment has been operating for more than 60 years here in Dublin. Wanna stop by? Well, throw on your poodle skirt, grease your hair back and make your way down (they’re next door to Strickland’s Boots)! Ms. Donna would be happy to see your lovely face, so come say “Hi!”

Chelsey is a junior at Dublin High School and after graduating has plans to pursue either nursing or journalism. Chelsey’s favorite part of working with Visit Dublin was not only going to tour local busisnesses but also learning how to blog about her experiences.  

Photo Credit: The Exchange