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Girl Meets City: Dublin Georgia

By August 7, 2014October 12th, 2017No Comments


I’ll be honest, I thought my second Girl Meets City project would land me in Athens- but Snowpocalypse 1 & 2 EACH delayed me. Oh #GAWX- how you hate me! Anyways, when Rebecca of the Visit Dublin CVB saw my tweets she contacted me via Twitter and asked me to come to Dublin, Georgia.

To be further honest, I wasn’t so sure but figured you know what? I’ll try it.

I absolutely do NOT regret it, and I’ve been raving ever since, here is why:

  •  Dublin is a short 45 minute trip from Macon
  • Dublin is central to most of Georgia
  • Dublin has an adorable downtown that I would not have known about otherwise
  • Dublin has food, music, shopping, and culture

So come along with us on this journey!

From shopping….

“I never realized Dublin had so much boutique shopping until I got to see nearly all of their boutiques in one location for the pop-up. And they each have their own distinct style, everything from items for the teenage and college aged young lady on up to items that someone of my age (ahem- in my 30’s thank you) would enjoy.”

to dining….

“So, the food. Good LORD. Y’all- it was a five course meal complete with wine and all. And let me tell you- Heinz knows his wine.”

to exploring Downtown’s farmers market…

“I also met Tommy Cobb of Lil Tom’s Fish Market, and honestly I’ve got to go check out his restaurant because even his jams (that I believe his sister makes) are flipping amazing.

 And I’ll light some fires by saying this BUT- this is the freshest produce I’ve seen at a farmer’s market in some time. It was also fun to see kids running around freely, not having to worry about a bunch of traffic nearby, and helping out at the booths. I came away with a batch of strawberry jam from Lil Tom’s booth and also sampled his pico de gallo- all of it amazing.”

travel with Molly as she discovers why a visit to Dublin is unexpectedly delightful: