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Hometown Wanderlust: Color Fun 5K Run

By July 6, 2016October 11th, 2017No Comments

Hometown Wanderlust is an adventurous, weekly blog featuring one girl’s experiences with food, music, shopping, biking and life in general around Dublin GA. This week, Dublin GA’s favorite redhead steps up to the Color Fun Run 5K challenge.

Sweet Summertime

Summer is for fun, water, games, and laughs. Summer is for the kiddos to stretch their legs and expand their imaginations. On this steamy July morning, mini-me and I found these things and more during the Color Fun 5K Run at the Southern Pines Regional Park.

We love July, there’s so many events to attend, pool days, mini’s birthday, cook outs…did I mention mini’s birthday? She doesn’t let anyone forget. It just so happens the Color Run lands on this monumental day. She’s made it very clear during the weeks leading up to this day that she’s still upset that last year another child “stole my blue thunder” which apparently means the child that ran through the blue chalk station got the most blue tossed on her. Who knew. Blue thunder.

Good Morning!

Bright and early Saturday morning we don our white tees, hydrate and head to the park. We meet up with a crowd of excited participants, some still quickly signing up, all ages, swagged in brightly colored tutu’s, socks and headbands rearing to run! The DJ wakes us up the rest of the way with funky tunes and a small announcement of a special birthday. 🙂

On Your Marks

It’s time to take off! Everyone gathers at the starting starting line chatting and laughing…a few words of encouragement and also some of challenge. The confetti guns explode above us and we take off! The first color station we pass through is…”blue thunder” much to you-know-who’s delight.

Color station after color station until we are all little rainbows, walking, running…shuffling, (I may have fallen victim to a medium sized knee injury a few days before. Get it, fallen?) all smiles for sure. Intermittent hydration and misting stations bring us life between laps for which we are all grateful in this sunny, southern July morning.

 Finish Line

We make it to the finish line and enter straight into… a water balloon fight!  There’s no greater joy than participating in a water balloon fight and not having to be the one to fill the hundreds of tiny balloons! A huge bucket of water tipping every several minutes and streams of cool water shooting out of the splash pad draws everyone’s attention once the balloons are used up. Adults and children alike join in the fun, double duty…cool fun and rinsing the swirls of color from our faces.

Sitting on the bleachers, I take in the activity around me. Children squealing, grownups splashing and playing, swapping laughs about the colors that still linger on our skin. Mini-me declares “this was sooo much fun!”

I’m gonna carry THESE colors with with me long after they wash off.

Is it time for breakfast?

For more information on the Southern Pines Splash Pad visit