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Hometown Wanderlust is an adventurous, weekly blog featuring one girl’s experiences with food, music, shopping, history, art and life in general around Dublin GA. This week, Dublin GA’s favorite redhead explores the local pumpkin patch and discovers a little extra fun along the way.

Another brisk morning to explore the town’s annual pumpkin patch.  How very exciting! Of course we had to set aside a morning to check it out!


On a beautiful, clear Saturday morning mini-me and I called up a friend and met downtown at Company Supply for a coffee pick me up and waffle a la mode. After fueling up with our caffeine of choice and a hot chocolate for mini-me, we set off on our adventure. The pumpkin patch is located next to the farmers market which was still bustling even in the late morning hour. We browsed the market’s local goodies and splurged on Halloween cookies and a bunch of massive vibrant red beets.

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch is spread out on a grassy lawn behind the farmers market at Market on Madison with rows and rows of plump pumpkins in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. fullsizerender-13

We even found a white pumpkin I thought was just stunning! Giant potted chrysanthemum plants for sale added to the festive charm of the patch. When mini-me got bored of browsing pumpkins, we wandered over to the corn maze and I got a good chuckle out of watching the little ones flounder about trying to find their way out. A giant tire tower was more than we could stand…perfect photo op, of course! Mini-me made a couple new friends for a few minutes exploring a bouncy house while we sat at nearby benches and chit-chatted catching up in the late morning sunshine.

With flushed cheeks and a couple smears from the tire tower, our pumpkin patch fun came to an end. Rumbling tummies signal the approaching lunchtime. Time to find something delicious to eat…and maybe discover another adventure. img_1614

To plan your fall adventure downtown, visit The Pumpkin Patch at Market on Madison daily.