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The Beginning

Hometown Wanderlust is an adventurous, weekly blog featuring one girl’s experiences with food, music, shopping, biking and Lou Ann’s biscuits in Dublin GA.

Hungry for Lou Ann’s

Finally, it’s Saturday morning. A long week behind me…

I’m starving!

Starving like that “I’ve worked so hard all week I deserve something amazing” feeling that tightens your stomach and yanks the very strings of your soul. . .

Blowing off steam Friday night may be contributing to the gnawing pangs but all the more reason to find comfort in a home cooked breakfast. . .

Lou Ann’s immediately comes to mind and hometown wanderlust kicks into overdrive!

The Experience

What else? Sitting proudly on the same hill that has been home for over 30 years there’s going to be comfort just inside the doors. Comfort and loaded with memories, Burger Chef was once housed here all the way back in 1965!

Walking in, the buzz of Lou Ann’s busy kitchen tugs at my ears and immediately the pungent scent of sizzling, popping bacon swirls with the earthy aroma of buttered grits simmering in its huge aluminum kettle. I order my usual… and mindlessly stand to the side waiting…mmmm, coffee.

Just beyond the counter, the pass through window from the kitchen is buzzing.

The ladies, wide awake already for hours now prepping breakfast, are rolling, slicing, and frying as they joke and cut up with each other. There’s years of comradery here. There has to be!  4 AM doesn’t suit everyone’s disposition. They have to know I just rolled out of bed. My hat doesn’t hide everything.

Order up! I literally cannot wait! Shuffle to the corner table. Yes, the gas heater is on! Tiny flames dance, dispelling the late winter chill. It’s a nostalgic table, and I love it. On one the end of the table, closest to the window a plaque designates “Memory Table” in memory of Lou Ann’s dad “Pete.” The table was once vibrant orange and turquoise, an actual piece in the original “Burger Chef” building. How much life was shared over this very table? Gossip, memories, tall tales, love…


Looking around finishing my biscuit (and grits) I can feel the memories not just of the past but of the future. The little girls that will grow up and bring their daughters before a long day of shopping, a dad and his sleepy son after an early morning hunt, a couple old friends catching up over tater tots and coffee. This isn’t just food…it’s a little piece of life.

Lou Ann’s is located at 110 Telfair Street in Dublin, GA. For more information, visit

Keep up with the ladies at Lou Ann’s on Facebook.