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Tacos bring out our real “fillings”! Here’s our Taco Tuesday “any day that ends in y” picks for spicy days and fiery nights filled with Vitamin T in #DublinGA.

Any Way You Fold It

La Joya truly is the crown jewel for a taste of all things taco! A knife and fork work just fine for capturing the platefuls of flavors you crave, but the real test is diving in, hands full of tacos smothered in your choices of tender meat and extra cilantro please! Our fav: Get the tongue tacos with onion, cilantro, and limes with a squirt or two of Yadira’s homemade verde or chili sauces.

Guac is NOT

…Extra that is. We search for individuality in our lives. A funky new haircut, blue shoes OR tacos with just the right amount of each and every vegetable, a dollop of guac, all the cilantro, and a squeeze of Surcheros sauce. That’s me! Surcheros dishes up tacos precisely the way you want them with a side of smiles and sweetens the deal with a meal finisher of a sticky smores quesadilla!

Best Tacos

Certainly not a typo but what we’re really talking about here are Bea’s Tacos at Company Supply. While we’re here in our “fillings,” let’s talk about hand holding. Holding colorful corn flour bites loaded with your choice of pork or shrimp, tri-color coleslaw and corn feta salsa will have you believing you found gold at the end of the rainbow.

Thank You. Next.

While we’re taco-ing, let’s hear it for the Donkey Quesadilla at Salsa’s. Life is about balance and bacon is the scale of our lives with meat and spinach smothering this soft, thick quesadilla in perfect harmony. Half taco, half quesadilla, the shell has a plump, almost naan-like texture that absorbs every bit of the juices from the cheese and meats. Ole!

Cloud Nine

Ok, so when you’ve got a good thing, you keep going, and if you’ve never tasted Holy Smoke’s BBQ Quesadilla, you’re missing out on a religious experience packing heat, meat and cheese! Serious smokin’ flavor has taken Holy Smokes all the way to the top, landing it on the cover of Georgia Eats 100 Plates Locals Love!