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Take a Christmas lights ride with us through Dublin Georgia, as we embrace the nostalgia of the season together on a twinkle trek.

2023. Whew, amirite?!

Pine Grove Drive

Every year is woven with challenges, but each year, as the dates fall away from the calendar, finding solace in the familiar glow of Christmas lights has always been a cherished escape from the chaos that comes from taking inventory of the never-ending lists, of what could’ve, should’ve, and was.

Christmas lights are pretty much my absolute favorite, right up there with a real Christmas tree, which as it happens, is also covered in lights…there is something about riding through the city, or a dark stretch in the country and POW, there it is! A strand of lights around a doorway, a wreath decked out in LED’s, a “family” of mismatched inflatables, or a home with decked halls and walls and everything in-between.

Brookdale Drive

Isn’t it a wonderful thought that all of those lights, multicolored or white, small displays, or ones out of this world bright, were hung there for you…and for me…and for every stranger that passes by, and somehow those little sparkles say “Hey friend, I don’t know you, but I wanted to bring a little joy to your night.”

My evenings searching for lights have changed over the years (check out this early BLOG when my daughter was the spotter), but the nostalgia remains the same. My mini-me now has her own activities, so my husband has taken the wheel, and I get to sit back while we ride illuminated streets on our twinkle trek. The quiet hum of the engine and the sparkle of lights paint a serene backdrop for shared moments that this jolliest season is about.

Bellevue Avenue

For this particular adventure, we started out right after our workday, so we broke up the adventure with a local dinner, and as watching the patrons come and go, chatting at each others tables, and wishing “Happy Holidays!” that is what our town is made of, and your town, and all the others in-between.

Amidst the complexities of life, these drives still are an embrace of simplicity, a reminder that even in the face of change, the magic of tradition endures.

Fairview Drive

We hope you have a chance to cherish some moments this year to embrace each other, and the timeless traditions that will continue through the years…and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite displays this season! Merry Christmas!

Header Photo: Dublin Visitors Center, 102 Travel Center Boulevard