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At some point or another in life we “get by with a little help from our friends” and a lot of the time music is that remedy, a cure of sorts. We’re bringing you some of our favorite local artists with Digital DubJam 2020.

DubJam, over the years grew from hearing about great Georgia music artists from across the state, to getting to groove to their sounds quite literally in our front yard, at Stubbs Park in Dublin, GA. The first notes of DubJam were heard in 2016 when Dublin hosted Bicycle Ride Across Georgia during their overnight camp and the high notes of musical performance and art followed every summer during three years of DubJam, a three day music & art festival.

These artists played, sang and jammed straight from theirs hearts, right into ours during DubJam. Over the next several weeks while you’re looking for a musical reprieve, look and follow these artists up on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and keep an ear on their Facebook accounts for personal live performances right in your home with Digital DubJam!

Ydrate The Motivator

A proud “I’m From The D.U.B.” Dublin native, Ydrate The Motivator is an award-winning humanitarian and speaker, musical artist, poet, author, teacher, and life coach. During DubJam 2017, Ydrate returned to Dublin to perform and film a video for his anthem “All Georgia Ev’rythang” that has since had thousands of views and shares across various media outlets.

Sunbelt Revolution

Sunbelt Revolution is an original southern-alternative rock band from Middle Georgia. They are a true DIY band from writing/composing their own music to recording, mixing and producing their own albums without any sponsors, management teams or record labels supporting them. YouTube Spotify iTunes

Andy Johnson

A favorite of DubJam, the infectious energy of Andy Johnson’s live shows and the eclectic nature of their Roots-and-Blues-enthused funk rock sound has drawn worldwide attention. Spotify iTunes

Tony Tyler

During DubJam 2018, Dublin GA native Tony Tyler and his band took us on a colorful journey of psychedelic rock with twisting riffs, dancing keys and energetic vocals. YouTube Spotify

The Pine Box Dwellers

The Pine Box Dwellers come from Waycross, Georgia, the largest rail town this side of the Mississippi River and home to country rock pioneer Gram Parsons and the Okefenokee Swamp. Theses stories are easy to hear come through in their songs in their sound and lyrics. Spotify YouTube iTunes

The Woofs

The Woofs have come to make you groove! Four beings have traveled through space, time and many lives to bring you a high energy multidimensional soundscape. Spotify iTunes

Martin L. Mathis

Martin L. Mathis has been performing with groups and as a solo act throughout South Georgia for almost a decade. Martin L. Mathis is one of the most promising upcoming artists in country music today and continues to break barriers on his ascent to the top. Spotify iTunes

120/80 Vocal Band

The 120/80 Vocal Band, out of Milledgeville, is a self professed band of musicians who simply love to perform and bring joy to listeners young and old. YouTube

Free Lance Ruckus

Free Lance Ruckus has been growing a following in the central Georgia area for quite a while now, captivating crowds and leaving them thirsty for more. Unique, powerful lead guitar, a solid rhythm section and vocal harmonies emphasize a true rock n’ roll experience while maintaining singer/songwriter style. YouTube Spotify

Heart of Pine

Heart of Pine music could be described as a mix between Americana and Country with bits of Rock and Blues fusion. With influences ranging all over the genre map, Heart of Pine’s music has the potential to speak to almost everyone. YouTube Spotify

While we miss the children painting, music floating through the pines, and the gathering of friends during DubJam, we hope you will enjoy this Digital DubJam from home with your family. Georgia is overflowing with music and art and we hope you are discovering new music, making music and creating art from the heart.