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Every Saturday morning April through October farm-fresh food and handmade items fill the booths of Market on Madison farmers market. This weekend I went on an adventure and explored the ins and outs of the farmers market booths. I talked with the vendors and ran into some old friends (even my boss) and would like to share the homegrown stories I got from 10 of our vendors in Dublin GA.

1. Backyard Shed

Mr. Ronald Daniel was one of the first vendors at the Market on Madison’s farmers market. Bringing homemade BBQ sauce, meat rubs, salsa, dill pickles, sweet pickles, jellies, banana nut bread, pound cake, and white bread, just to name a few. We’re sorry to say that Mr. Daniel is no longer with us but a booth honoring him is run by his daughter Ronda Daniel Ely. She said the name originated from her parents sending her to the backyard shed to retrieve goods when she was a young girl and she wants to carry out her father’s tradition by continuing to offer Backyard Shed products at the farmers market in Downtown Dublin GA each Saturday through October just as her father once did.

2. Eagle Apiaries

Most aren’t aware of this but Eagle Apiaries is a one-man team. Owner, Stephen Eagle manages over 300 hives, makes hive splits, extracts honey, bottles honey, and does the marketing of his local honey. This is not just something he does on the side. It is his life! Support your local honey producer/beekeeper by stopping by his booth and purchasing some local honey or beeswax products every Saturday through October.

3. Cher Cher’s Baked Goods

Dinner just isn’t dinner without dessert. Shop ahead for your Sunday dinner at Cher Cher’s Baked Goods each Saturday through October at the Market on Madison farmers market. Cherie blends up the best made from scratch cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that you can cram in your mouth.

4. Jordans Best

The tradition of pickling began over 4,000 years ago. Remember the old fashioned pickles your grandmother used to do, using prime and vinegar? Well, that’s exactly what Jordans Best brings to the table, Old Fashioned sweet and sour pickles, and preserves. They also offer an assortment of flavors in homemade Pork Rinds. Mr. Best was the maker of these for years and alongside him was the youngest. Now that she knows the family secret, she has taken over the tradition and offers her product at the Downtown Dublin farmers market every Saturday through October.

5. Abundant Aromas

This mother and child duo brings you custom scents for women, men, and children. Abundant Aromas has customized eye-catching aroma beads, water crystals, and crystal potpourri. These premium air fresheners can be used as an alternative to candles where a flame is undesirable. And that’s not all, they are in all different colors so matching your room decor is no problem. Are you afraid your child may try to eat the beads? Go ahead and order a customized wax-dipped fur baby.

6. Phillips Produce Farm

Take a look at what this family does for the community. Providing quality homegrown produce at its best the Phillips Produce Farm is a locally based farm bringing the sweetest strawberries, corn, golden squash, fresh peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelons to their booth at the farmers market each Saturday until October. You can also visit their farm to enjoy their green thumbs up u-pick vegetables and cool down with the yummiest strawberry lemonade ever.

7. Tracy’s Crafts

Everything at Tracy’s Crafts is handmade with local products that come from her backyard. Tracy just loves to get creative with all things outdoors. Stop by and see for yourself the beautiful wreaths, made from tiny pinecones and grapevines, pinecone decorations, and hand-painted gourds that would make a wonderful addition to your home.

8. Sonya’s Stitches

Sonya wanted to come up with an idea that would help comfort those of loved one’s that are no longer with us. She thought of how everyone has to donate or get rid of the clothing of their loved ones and thought how wonderful it would be to use their clothing for a beautiful gift as a keep’s sake. So instead of getting rid of the old clothes let Sonya’s Stitches make you a quilt or teddy bear that will last a lifetime.

9. Soulianos Bath & Body

Wake up your skin with 100% handmade Artisan Products. Soulianos Bath & Body Indulgence is a family-owned small business that believes it’s not only what you put in your body to stay healthy but what you put on your body as well. The young lady is so sweet and the soap, sugar, and coffee scrubs and wax melts smell so good and are extremely healthy for your skin.

10. Tasty Paws

The Downtown Dublin GA farmers market has something for everyone from farm to table goodness to treats for your best friend. Tasty Paws is a small business inspired by a young sweet girl named Monica. She thought how nice it would be to help our local fur babies. So she came up with an idea to help raise money for the local humane society. With a little help from her mother, her dream is becoming a reality by making human-grade dog treats and donating $1 to the local Humane Society for every bag that she sells.

To be Continued

So, ladies, and gentlemen, I know this is not all the vendors at Market on Madison farmers market but by the time I arrived at the market these were the vendors that were there and I had the opportunity to talk to. Next time, I’ll make sure to get there early so I can get some more inside stories to share with you. For an even better experience, go see for yourself the fresh crisp goodies and homegrown stories that each of our vendors has to offer.

To be continued!