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Hometown Wanderlust is an adventurous, weekly blog featuring one girl’s experiences with food, music, shopping, biking and life in general around Dublin GA. This week, Dublin GA’s favorite redhead immerses herself in #GeorgiaMusic during an all day acoustic music festival, DubJam!


The day is in full swing. A day full of music, play, food and drinks, friends new and old…
13427798_10100436670186752_2285716815587496361_n (2)Trey Hawkins, front man of Poison Coats takes the stage with a simplistic air, offering up haunting melodies and dynamic lyrics capturing our attention with a very precise intention. Evoking and stirring hearts and minds with thoughts of life and love and the pursuit of both.

The heat of the day is just passing through, people are getting off work and excitedly filling the park but the music…the music is getting HOT! Sunbelt Revolution is up and as I haven’t seen them before…acoustic, lined up on stools but still giving every bit of heart.

Our MC is enjoying himself and in turn keeping us completely entertained! I glance around watching him milling through the crowd, making jokes on and off the mic, making friends on and off the mic.

IMG_8275 The boys of Reckless Soul keep us rocking and for me personally evoke a few memories with their rendition of the ever haunting Pretty Cowboy Lady. 

One of the beautiful things about this event is seeing Stubbs Park being used again. A park I grew up playing in with my friends. Exploring the trees, the huge drains, the creek, every inch of the park. Over the years as I got older, as we all got older we left the playing and left the park…now there’s children and adults of all ages lounging, eating, tossing Frisbee’s…barefoot. So awesome!  IMG_1186

Joshua & Jody are up with their signature mix of top 40 hit’s and cool beats that keep our toes tapping and everyone singing along.

Closing out the day is Sunbelt Revolution coming back to the stage fully wired ready to end DubJam with a bang! I may have mentioned a Bob Dylan song to the band earlier as my Bossie is a HUGE fan and they may have played and sang the heck out of Like A Rolling Stone and she may have almost cried and danced with joy…but you would’ve had to be there to know for sure. 🙂 IMG_1183 (2)

The music comes to an end…all good things do, right? This is a day I’ll never forget. The end of spring and the beginning of a rocking summer. A community brought together with strangers and friends all enjoying the same things. Nature, music, each other…Happy Summer y’all!

For information on upcoming DubJam 2017 visit