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Hometown Wanderlust: DubJam Part 1

By June 15, 2016October 11th, 2017No Comments

Hometown Wanderlust is an adventurous, weekly blog featuring one girl’s experiences with food, music, shopping, biking and life in general around Dublin GA. This week, Dublin GA’s favorite redhead immerses herself in #GeorgiaMusic during an all day acoustic music festival, DubJam!

The Day

It’s the beginning of June…the beginning of a long, hot summer and the beginning of a tradition. Music and memories. DubJam. A day long journey of musical styles and stories, lives overlapped and new musical alliances formed. Historic Stubbs Park springing back to life, once again filled with laughter and play.


Bicycle Ride Across Georgia is in town for two days during their trek across the state and camping in our fine park. A sunrise yoga session including a fine mixture of visiting bicyclist and enthusiastic locals has just come to a close providing the perfect opening for the day’s musical festivities.



Photo credit: Jody Hightower

Zac Yancey, MC with the most opens DubJam with a few words and a lot of energy preparing us for what we’ve all been looking forward to for weeks! Dublin’s first all day music festival!

The first performance of the morning features Curtis Barlow and his vibrant saxophone ringing out over the park setting the tone for the beginning of a musical excursion lasting the day and into the sultry evening.

As the morning progresses the music continues with a comical storytelling bit with Bob Zampa and a soulful Tina Brantley steals the stage. Dos Blues Guys carry us into the lunch hour with bluesy-funk that catches attention and kicks off the afternoon.

IMG_8270                                                                                        Brother/sister duo Rachel and Wesley Blanchett Brother James take the stage next sassing it up with some of our favorite adult alternative hits and a few soulful classics.


Hammocks are hung about the towering pines begging to catch a bit of breeze in the delightful shade. As the warm spring air thickens with heat, intoxicating scents seep from the giant grills on the edge of the park swirling about the crowd. A crowd which has grown quietly as I look around.

David “DayDay” Gorday energetic, albeit nervous pulled a switch in style spitting several homespun raps getting the crowd hyped up yet gently pulling our heartstrings dedicating a song to his past mother and then introducing us to his beloved grandma bringing her on stage to the delight of the crowd. A crowd that clearly is getting energized and excited for every additional performance! IMG_8326


This day is turning out absolutely amazing, something over and over I hear “this, THIS is the kick-off to the perfect small town summertime!” And isn’t that the beauty of gathering in a small town? Any town actually, any city. The togetherness. Good food, friends, strangers, music…all coming together from all walks and backgrounds. Joining hands and happiness for the health of our hearts.

To be continued…