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Dublin, GA – For the first time in nearly 40 years, visitors to Dublin’s historic theatre will be able to watch a movie on the big screen.  With the installation of a state-of-the-art digital movie projection system, Theatre Dublin will begin showing new-release Hollywood blockbusters and beloved classics as it launches its movie programming brand Martin Movie House Friday, November 17, 2017.

Martin Movie House

Theatre Dublin, built in 1934 as Martin Theatre, operated as a movie house until the late 1970’s.  Saved from demolition and renovated in the mid-nineties, the rebranded Theatre Dublin opened as a performing arts center, playing host to many concerts, musicals, and civic events over the last two decades.

After months of planning and preparation, the venue will soon unveil the new projection system which features a 40-foot wide seamless screen, 17 speaker Dolby surround sound, and a digital projector.  According to Theatre Director Elizabeth Coleman, much attention was paid to the experience of the moviegoer.

“The cinema experience at Martin Movie House will be untouchable. Every single detail was planned specifically for our theatre,” says Coleman.  “Our screen was custom sized and ordered to fit our theatre’s proscenium arch so it is the largest possible size for our auditorium.  The projector was also chosen based specifically on the size of our auditorium so the throw would be appropriate, which results in a crystal clear picture. The surround sound system is top of the line and was aimed just for the sound and auditory requirements for our space, and it is out of this world. Because of this, there is literally no bad seat in the house.”

“Not to mention the history, sentiment, and nostalgia this place holds for so many people. People are going to walk in and have an experience they can’t get anywhere else, and we’re ecstatic to be bringing this back for the community,” Coleman adds.

Reviving Experiences

Owned by the City of Dublin and managed by the Downtown Development Authority, Theatre Dublin has long been a treasured landmark in downtown Dublin, and according to DDA Director Tara Bradshaw, a source of economic energy.

“Currently, 30,000 people per year visit Theatre Dublin.  It is an economic driver for business activity in our downtown and is a vital source for arts and culture in our community,” says Bradshaw.

“Reviving the moviegoing experience in downtown Dublin means two great things,” says Bradshaw. “First, we’ll be offering a unique amenity in our community, giving visitors a modern cinema experience inside an historic theatre. Second, and maybe even better, we’ll be doubling the amount of foot traffic into downtown ensuring that Theatre Dublin continues to directly and indirectly support our downtown restaurants and retailers.”

Martin Movie House at Theatre Dublin will show new-release movies, second-run movies, and classics throughout the year, all at affordable prices.  With a revamped concession menu as well, Theatre Dublin staff hope to offer a lasting and affordable experience.

“Being able to offer concessions at a reasonable price with great customer service is something we pride ourselves on” says Coleman. “Many times it isn’t the movie ticket that hikes up prices, it’s the concessions prices, and our goal is to be able to get a small family into the movie with drinks and snacks on a budget that will not break the bank.”

Coleman and theatre staff have been working towards revamping the concessions menu. “We are very excited about some new menu items that will be added that are taking us to a new level; caramel corn, pretzels, loaded chili cheese nachos, a new assortment of candies, and new drink options outside of standard bottled and fountain drinks. Our customers will be served by staff in traditional theatre uniforms that make the experience that much more special. We are here for the customer to make sure their experience is the best in all aspects.”

Bradshaw and Coleman both agree that the feedback from the community leading up to the opening has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We’ve heard countless stories and memories over the last few years from people that remember seeing movies at the Martin,” says Bradshaw.  “Reconnecting people with memories and creating experiences for a new generation will help ensure the continued success of Theatre Dublin and our community’s downtown revitalization efforts.  We want to recreate the nostalgia of shopping, dining, and watching a movie in downtown for new generations.”

Brenda Woodard of Eastman, Georgia grew up in Dexter and remembers going to the Martin Theatre when it was open.  “I am so excited about the grand reopening! I had my first date at the Martin Theatre to see Elvis Presley in Flaming Star (1960). I can’t wait to take my grandchildren,” says Woodard.

The Martin Movie House at Theatre Dublin opens Friday night debuting the new-release Justice League at 7 pm and 9:45 pm.  Tickets and information available at