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With fireworks in our eyes, bubbly in our bellies, and a “New year, new me!” mentality, we create resolutions to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Dublin GA has a few resolution solutions to keep you on the right track to a happy, new year!

Resolution Solutions

Attitude Of Gratitude

A common resolution and a great way to improve your mental well-being is gratitude writing. Whether you write a letter to a dear friend or just scribble down what you’re grateful for today on a scrap of paper, you’re taking a huge step toward a more positive life! Step into Hello Sunshine Co. to find the tools you need to get started, including artisan greeting cards, journals, stationary accessories, and more.

More Frequent Fun

It’s easy to get bogged down in work and everyday routine. Bring some sunshine to your 2024 by sprinkling in more fun! Peruse our events calendar for shindigs and shenanigans that will keep your life entertaining.

Embrace The Arts

Whether you want to improve your focus and learn about drama or just want to see a good show, a trip to the theatre will get your creative juices flowing. Theatre Dublin offers a variety of artistic performances throughout the year: plays, concerts, ballets, pageants, movies, and more!

Titillate Your Taste Buds

In the spirit of “New Year, new me,” expand your palate with the most universal form of communication, love, and sharing culture: food! Grab a plate that tastes straight out of the Caribbean at Mama P’s, where the beats are jammin’ and the only jerk is the chicken. Or, bite into one of those food truck birria tacos that are all the rage on social media at La Chicana Taqueria.

Improved Wellness

Wellness takes on different forms for each individual. From eating better and getting more active to treating yourself to a well needed spa day, discover your Wellness Awakening in Dublin GA!

Oh So Social

Too often are people so focused on the destination that they miss out on a lot of cool conversation during the journey. Grab some drinks and mingle with locals and travelers alike at Saltwater Fishery‘s Flybridge rooftop bar. For those looking for a more laidback environment, pop into Society Kaffee where the coffee’s always brewing, and the vibes are copacetic.

Take A Break

Slow and easy is the way to take things in 2024. Breathe in the fresh air in Dublin GA’s award winning greenspace, Jackson Plaza, or stroll around the pond at Fairview Park Walking Trail. If you’re staying the night or just traveling through, a stop at the Visitors Center is a must for the ultimate break time.

Mother and child pet and feed the horse at Dublin Farm

Get Better Sleep

Sometimes, all you need to improve your life is to get some Z’s. Start the New Year well-rested and rejuvenated with a stay in Dublin GA. Escape to the quiet, beautiful Dublin Farm for a low and slow countryside experience. For people who want to sleep among Southern elegance in the hub of activity, the Page House just steps from Downtown Dublin may be more your speed.

Nifty & Thrifty

Instead of buying into the fast fashion cycle, many people are opting into the more thrifty living. Explore the Fallout Shelter within Society Kaffee for gently and well-loved vintage items. For more information about vintage, thrift, and antique shops in Dublin GA, stay tuned for my next blog!

Keep your resolution to travel more with a STAY in Dublin GA!