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If you’re looking for a summer guide to shake up the sunshine season, Dublin, Georgia is buzzing with cool activities that are perfect for just about anyone. From chill family hangouts to outdoor escapades and yummy local bites, Dublin’s got it all. Here’s the low down on where to go and what to do, courtesy of the folks who know it best—Dublin’s very own.

Summer Guide

1. Market on Madison: The Saturday Spot

Imagine strolling through a lively market on a sunny Saturday, kids in tow, picking up homemade bread and fresh blackberries. Sounds like a dream, right? That’s the Market on Madison for you. It’s where the community vibes are strong, and you’re guaranteed to bump into friends. One local mom said it’s the perfect spot for “fun kids activities…and shopping small.” Trust her, you won’t want to miss it.

2. Cool Off at Southern Pines

When the Georgia heat cranks up, Southern Pines Water Park is the place to be. With a splashy water park that kids (and grandkids) absolutely love, it’s a favorite among locals. A local grandpa we chatted with can’t wait for summer to take the little ones to the pool and Riverview Golf Course. It’s basically summer chill goals.

3. Outdoor Adventures at Hugh Gillis Public Fishing Park & River Bend WMA

If you’re into fishing, hiking, or just soaking up nature, the Hugh Gillis Public Fishing Area and River Bend WMA are your go-to spots. With over 3,400 acres of wilderness, it’s like the ultimate playground. One local grandpa is all about loading up the grandkids for a day of fishing and exploring. “My grandkids have over 600 acres of hiking, camping, and of course arguing over who’s going to catch the biggest fish.” It’s the perfect spot for those epic summer adventures.

4. Biking and Camping Fun at Riverbend WMA

Got a bike? Love camping? Say no more. Riverbend WMA is the place to hit up for some cycling and camping action. It’s got all the space you need to roam free and connect with nature. “Organizing cycling and camping at Riverbend WMA” is a highlight for one local grandpa, and it sounds like an absolute blast.

5. Dublin Eats and Treats: From Ice Cream to Apples

Dublin’s food scene is seriously underrated. Whether you’re craving some ice cream from Rosie’s or looking to dine out at Company Supply, Dublin has it all. One grandma put it perfectly: “We love everything from going to Rosie’s for ice cream to getting apples from Mulberry Kitchen and walking everywhere downtown.” It’s all about those sweet, simple pleasures.

6. Bowling Nights and Water Park Days

Looking for a chill way to end the day? How about $1 summer games at Shamrock Bowling? Yes, you read that right. It’s super laid-back, fun for the kids, and there’s beer for the adults. One dad mentioned it’s his secret to a peaceful evening.”Wear them out and they will be asleep before dark.”

7. Kid-Approved Fun: From Sports to Kidzillas

Dublin isn’t just friendly; it’s kid-friendly. With places like parks to roam and Kidzillas Funhouse, it’s a paradise for the younger crowd. As one kid put it, summer here is all about “playing sports with my friends at the park” and “playing with all the other kids at Kidzillas.” Sounds like the perfect summer day, doesn’t it?

So, there you have it—your insider’s guide to making the most out of your summer in Dublin. Whether you’re all about the outdoor adventures, chilling with some cool treats, or just enjoying the local scene, Dublin’s got something special for you. Let’s make this summer one for the books!